On the First Day of National Diabetes Month, Grassroots Organizations Endorse Senator Reverend Warnock’s Bipartisan $35 Insulin Cost Cap

November is National Diabetes Month, which raises awareness about efforts to prevent, treat, and manage the chronic condition

In honor of the month of observance, several national grassroots organizations endorsed Senator Reverend Warnock’s universal, bipartisan $35 insulin cost cap legislation 

Senators Reverend Warnock and Kennedy (R-LA) introduced the bipartisan Affordable Insulin Now Act of 2023 earlier this year

The Senators’ Affordable Insulin Now Act is endorsed by 20 organizations, including the American Diabetes Association, Public Citizen, and Protect Our Care

Senator Reverend Warnock has championed affordable access to insulin since coming to the Senate, including successfully passing a $35 insulin copay cap for Medicare recipients into law and successfully building support for a universal $35 cap

Senator Reverend Warnock: “Managing diabetes isn’t a red state problem or a blue state problem, it’s an American problem.”

Washington, D.C. – Today, on the first day of National Diabetes Month, several national grassroots organizations working to ensure affordable insulin access for all who need it endorsed U.S. Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock’s (D-GA) bipartisan insulin cost cap legislation and highlighted the overwhelming grassroots support nationwide for a universal $35 cap on out-of-pocket insulin costs. The Affordable Insulin Now Act of 2023 is endorsed by 20 organizations, including the American Diabetes Association, Public Citizen, and Protect Our Care. U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) joined Senator Warnock in introducing the legislation, and their bill has the support of multiple Republican senators, including U.S. Senators Mike Braun (R-IN), Katie Britt (R-AL), and Tommy Tuberville (R-AL).

“One in 10 Americans are diabetic. In Georgia, one in eight of our family members, neighbors, colleagues, and classmates lives with this chronic condition,” said Senator Reverend Warnock“Managing diabetes isn’t a red state problem or a blue state problem, it’s an American problem. That’s why I’ve been proud to work closely with Senator Kennedy and a range of advocacy organizations to get my bipartisan $35 insulin cost cap over the finish line. As we observe National Diabetes Month, we must continue raising awareness about this condition and how we can support the millions of Georgians and Americans who can’t afford their insulin.”

The Affordable Insulin Now Act of 2023 is endorsed by the American Diabetes Association, Public Citizen, Social Security Works, Endocrine Society, American Kidney Fund, American Academy of Family Physicians, Protect Our Care, First Focus Campaign for Children, American Podiatric Medical Association, National Pancreas Foundation, Digestive Disease National Coalition, Doctors for America, National Kidney Foundation, Community Catalyst, Dialysis Patient Citizens, American College of Physicians, Alliance for Aging Research, Unidos US, WorkMoney, and Prescription Justice.

Below are quotes from endorsing organizations:

American Diabetes Association

“The American Diabetes Association, the leading advocate for cost-sharing limits on insulin, is pleased to endorse the Affordable Insulin Now Act again this Congress,” said the American Diabetes Association’s Chief Advocacy Officer Lisa Murdock. The bill’s $35 monthly out-of-pocket cap on insulin for individuals with commercial insurance and federal program to provide lower-cost insulin to the uninsured would be life-changing for the millions of Americans with diabetes who use insulin and do not benefit from the Inflation Reduction Act’s Medicare cap. This legislation is especially important for the one in four individuals with diabetes who report rationing their insulin due to increased costs.”

Public Citizen

Public Citizen applauds Sens. Warnock and Kennedy for standing with people with diabetes across the country in proposing reforms that would ensure everyone has affordable access to insulin, regardless of insurance status.,” said Public Citizen’s Access to Medicines Director Peter Maybarduk.“No one deserves to suffer or die because they cannot afford the medicine they need to live.”

Protect Our Care

“For decades, millions of diabetics in this country have had to pay outrageous prices for the medications they need to survive,” said Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse.“Even when insulin vials only cost a few dollars to produce, drug companies have hiked the price to hundreds of dollars per month, forcing patients to ration insulin and skip doses altogether — which can have devastating consequences. Senator Warnock’s bill capping insulin out-of-pocket costs to $35 a month for everyone will put more money in families’ pockets and give them peace of mind knowing they won’t have to choose between purchasing this lifesaving medication and putting food on the table. We commend Senator Warnock for his unwavering commitment to fighting for a future where quality, affordable health care is a reality for every American.”

American College of Physicians

“The American College of Physicians appreciates Senator Warnock’s leadership on legislation to make insulin more affordable for our patients,” said American College of Physicians President Omar T. Atiq, MD, MACP.“Any medication can only be as effective as a patient’s ability to access it and adhere to treatment as prescribed. We need more policies like those proposed in the Affordable Insulin Now Act to make sure patients are able to get the health care they need.”

First Focus Campaign for Children

“First Focus Campaign for Children strongly supports S. 954, the Affordable Insulin Now Act of 2023,” First Focus Campaign for Children President Bruce Lesley. “Diagnosed cases of type 1 and type 2 diabetes among those under age 20 are surging in the United States.  Insulin is a life-saving medication for children and youth with diabetes and having access to insulin supports their physical and cognitive growth.  This legislation will cap the cost of insulin, making it accessible to children without imposing an exorbitant financial burden on their families.”

Senator Warnock has championed affordable access to insulin since coming to the Senate. In February 2022, the Senator introduced the Affordable Insulin Now Act of 2022, which would cap the out-of-pocket cost of insulin at $35 for insulin users on private insurance and Medicare plans. The Senator successfully built critical support for the legislation, including garnering co-sponsorships from a majority of Senate Democrats as well as securing the bill’s bipartisan passage through the House of Representatives. Additionally, the Senator secured major endorsements for his legislation from important health care and diabetes advocacy organizations, including the American Diabetes Association. Later that year, Senator Warnock successfully secured a provision of his legislation—a $35 out-of-pocket cost cap for Medicare recipients—in the Inflation Reduction Act, which was signed into law in August 2022. In spring 2023, Senator Warnock joined Senator Kennedy to reintroduce legislation to cap insulin at $35 for privately insured and uninsured insulin users. Thanks to the Senator’s leadership, Republican Senators Katie Britt, Tommy Tuberville, and Mike Braun joined onto the legislation, and the universal insulin cost cap is in a strong position to be included in a bipartisan prescription drug pricing bill expected to come to the Senate floor before the end of the year. In July, Senator Warnock joined Senators Warren and Blumenthal to release a new investigative report highlighting how, in spite of recent efforts by drug manufacturers and insurers to reduce insulin costs, many insulin users still don’t have affordable access to the life-saving drug. Click HERE for a full timeline of the Senator’s insulin leadership.