Flag Requests

Senator Warnock is happy to help Georgians purchase American flags which have been flown over the U.S. Capitol.

When you request a flag, you may specify if it is to honor an individual, an organization, events, ceremonies, gifts, celebrations of achievement, or a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. You may also request it be flown on a certain date.

If you are requesting your flag(s) be flown on a specific date, your order must be received two weeks prior to that date and no more than two months in advance. Normal processing time for flags flown over the Capitol is four to six weeks. If you are requesting your flag be flown on a specific date, do not select a Pre-Flown flag.

Flag orders and requests to fly flags over the Capitol must be submitted using the link below, which routes to Pay.gov, an official government website. Clicking the “Submit Flag Order Online” button below will take you to the page for information on sizes, pricing, and the form to order the flag.

For any questions, please call Senator Warnock’s flag coordinator at (202) 224-3643.