AUGUSTA-RICHMOND: Major Federal Funding Secured by Senator Reverend Warnock in Annual Government Funding Bill Headed Directly to Support Critical Local Infrastructure, Health Care Priorities

Senator Reverend Warnock secured millions in federal investments for Augusta-Richmond and Fort Gordon infrastructure projects, medical program

The federal funds secured by Senator Reverend Warnock will support wastewater and stormwater system improvements

Senator Reverend Warnock also secured strong federal investments to support Georgia-educated physicians practicing in rural and underserved areas

Senator Reverend Warnock was instrumental in securing robust funding for military priorities at Fort Gordon

Senator Reverend Warnock: “I am proud to have secured this funding for our communities because all Georgians deserve clean drinking water, sanitary wastewater systems, and proper protection from stormwater. We must also do everything in our power to invest in our physicians and bolster support for our undeserved and rural communities as we climb our way back through the pandemic”

Senator Warnock previously visited Augusta last August and discussed how investing in local infrastructure needs will contribute to local economic growth, overall health and safety, and expanded opportunity across communities in the Augusta-Richmond area 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock (D-GA) announced robust federal investments he secured for the Augusta-Richmond County area. The Warnock-secured funding is going to respective projects for Augusta-Richmond County water infrastructure, Augusta University’s 3+ Primary Care Pathway Program through the Medical College of Georgia, and Augusta’s Fort Gordon’s Cyber Center of Excellence. The projects in Augusta-Richmond County will improve sanitary sewer services and water quality for approximately 150 households, strengthen drainage systems for storm protection, invest in the retention of GA-educated physicians practicing in rural and underserved areas, and modernize the military base’s cyber center.

The funding was secured by Senator Warnock through the Fiscal Year 2022 (FY2022) appropriations bill which includes additional investments and policies supported and pushed by Senator Warnock that will benefit Georgians in every corner of the state.

“I’m proud this funding bill includes so many priorities I fought for to benefit Augusta-Richmond County,” said Senator Reverend Warnock.“These investments will help improve the County’s water infrastructure, and bolster health care access for residents across Georgia by providing more support to keep medical professionals practicing in our state’s rural and exurban areas. I’m going to keep working, like I said I would, to deliver more of these tangible benefits to hardworking Georgians all over the Augusta area.”

View below details on Senator Warnock’s funding secured for Augusta-Richmond area projects:

  • Augusta-Richmond County Water & Sewer: $3.9 million securedfor Travis/Boykin Road water and sewer replacement in Augusta-Richmond County. The proposed project includes installation of sewer and water lines to provide approximately 150 households with sanitary sewer services and improved water quality.
  • Augusta-Richmond County Stormwater: $3.2 million secured for the Rock Creek Basin-National Hills Neighborhood Drainage Project in Augusta-Richmond County. The planned improvements include modifying storm inlets to allow more water runoff to enter the drainage system, sizing pipes to adequate capacity, and adding curbing and gutters to streets to improve water flow.
  • Augusta University’s 3+ Primary Care Pathway Program through the Medical College of Georgia: $2.1 million secured to keep GA-educated physicians practicing in rural and underserved Georgia.
  • Augusta’s Fort Gordon’s Cyber Center of Excellence$3.67 million secured for completing planning and design to modernize the Signal schoolhouse, and construct a Secret CYBER and Communications Network Training Facility.
  • Augusta’s Fort Gordon Cyber Instructional Facility: Senator Warnock supported efforts to secure $69 million for modernization and revitalization efforts at Fort Gordon to construct the Cyber Instructional Facility. This enormous and comprehensive effort demonstrates Fort Gordon’s leading role in adding the emerging threats facing our nation.

A full list of Senator Warnock’s approved Congressionally-directed spending requests for Georgia can be found HERE.