ICYMI: Senator Reverend Warnock Pushes for Job Creation in Georgia, Pathways to Stronger Economic Growth

Senator Warnock pushes for increased job creation in Georgia through American Jobs Plan, oversight on Senate Commerce Committee
Senator Reverend Warnock: “Now that we have passed this bill [American Rescue Plan] that enables us to survive, we’ve got to pass the American Jobs Plan to help us thrive. […] A $2.65 trillion spending would create energy jobs that will create economic growth in the short term and position our country to lead in the 21st century”
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Washington, D.C. – As relief from the American Rescue Plan continues to flow to Georgia to help families, workers and communities navigate the public health and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock (D-GA) has continued to emphasize the urgent importance of passing the American Jobs Plan as Congress’ next step in supporting the nation’s on-going economic recovery. The American Jobs Plan islegislation that will spur and support job creation all across urban and rural Georgia by investing in revitalizing the state’s transportation infrastructure, including transit, buses, housing, broadband, and more that will continue to help families and workers move past the impacts of the pandemic while growing local jobs as well as Georgia’s skilled workforce. 

In recent media interviews, Senator Warnock stressed the urgency of passing the American Jobs Plan to support job creation in Georgia in the weeks, months and years ahead:

  • “Plans to improve roads, bridges and internet access, and to expand education and child care access, top Sen. Raphael Warnock’s agenda as the nation emerges from the pandemic.
  • “In an exclusive interview with The Walton Tribune and The Covington News, Warnock said he’s been busy trying to pass legislation that will bring aid for families — and now he wants to pass the ambitious American Jobs Plan. 
  • “’Now that we have passed this bill that enables us to survive, we’ve got to pass the American Jobs Plan to help us thrive,’ he said. ‘Our country needs a home improvement project, and that’s what infrastructure is all about.’”
  • “A $2.65 trillion spending package would rebuild the nation’s roads and bridges and create energy jobs ‘that will create economic growth in the short term and position our country to lead in the 21st century, as we did in the 20th century,’ Warnock said.”

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Additionally, Senator Warnock, who also serves on the Senate Commerce Committee, recently highlighted his efforts in the Senate to strengthen the domestic supply of semiconductors—a key component in manufacturing that supports jobs at important Georgia-based companies, factories and businesses:

  • “This week, U.S. Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock successfully secured provisions in key bipartisan legislation that will support manufacturing jobs across Georgia and the nation, and direct major science and research investments to Georgia’s historically Black higher education institutions.
  • “During an executive meeting of the Senate Commerce Committee, the members passed the bipartisan Endless Frontier Act (EFA), legislation that will make significant investments to boost research and development across the United States, driving technological innovation and job growth.”
  • “At Wednesday’s hearing, Senator Warnock also highlighted his efforts to call for a swift federal investigation around the global semiconductor shortage, adversely affecting some of Georgia’s most crucial and innovative manufacturers.”
  • “Moreover, changing habits spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic means that the semiconductor chip is now a reaching crisis point.”
  • “Car manufacturers investing in technology-centered electric vehicles, the rising sales of TVs, home computers, and the launch of new gaming consoles plus 5G-enabled mobile phones have all driven demand.”
  • “’We’ve seen this up close in the state of Georgia, our Kia plant there almost had to pause production, recently, because of a lack of semiconductors. So, I think his amendment speaks to this urgency… there’s no question about the impact of the auto industry on our manufacturing sector in general […].”
  • “Last month, in a previous hearing on the Endless Frontier Act, Senator Warnock noted that Kia Motors had to nearly shut down its Georgia plant, causing thousands of workers to stay home because of shortage of semiconductors.”
  • “’The current semiconductor chip shortage is having a negative impact on auto production in the United States. Automakers are being forced to reduce output or suspend production. Kia Georgia impacts the livelihood of the hard-working Georgians who work there, and therefore we applaud Senator Warnock for his efforts to find solutions that will benefit Georgia and our industry,’ said Christopher Wenk, Vice President of Government Affairs, Kia Corporation.”

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