Senator Reverend Warnock Delivers Major Wins for Georgia in Omnibus Government Funding Bill

On Thursday, the Senate passed the Fiscal Year 2023 omnibus government funding bill by a vote of 68-29. The omnibus package now goes to the House of Representatives, then to the President to be signed into law

Senator Reverend Warnock secured major victories for Georgia in the legislation, including full funding for the Savannah CRTC, a provision to help combat corruption, and additional investments for housing, health care, workforce development, national security, education and more

Senator Reverend Warnock: “I came to Washington to deliver for Georgia, and the annual government funding package is a major win for Georgians in every corner of the state”

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Washington D.C. — Today, U.S. Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock (D-GA) voted to pass major investments and critical policies for Georgia in the Fiscal Year 2023 (FY2023) omnibus government funding bill. The legislation contained provisions championed by Senator Warnock to improve health care, invest in housing, expand workforce development opportunities, and ensure the state remains a leader in the country’s national security. Additionally, the legislation fully funds the Savannah Combat Readiness Training Center. Senator Warnock led a bipartisan campaign to ensure the center continues to play a crucial role in the military’s strategic planning and readiness.

“I came to Washington to deliver for Georgia, and the annual government funding package is a major win for Georgians in every corner of the state,” said Senator Warnock.“These federal investments will expand health care access, address our housing needs, revitalize our neighborhoods, support workers and bolster our national security.” 

In addition to millions in robust federal investments, the omnibus government funding bill included the Anti-Money Laundering Whistleblower Improvement Act, legislation Senator Warnock introduced with Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) to ensure all whistleblowers are incentivized to speak out and combat corruption. The bill sets a minimum payout for whistleblowers and allows the U.S. Treasury Department to use collected fines to fund their anti-money laundering whistleblower program.

Key program investments Senator Reverend Warnock supported in the government funding bills include: 

  • Health Care: $9.2 billion for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an increase of $760 million; $324 million to improve maternal health and reduce maternal mortality, a nearly 60 percent increase; $1.01 billion for mental health treatment services; and $4.9 billion to address opioid misuse, an increase of over $345 million 
  • Nutrition: $13.4 billion increase for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); $28.5 billion for Child Nutrition Programs; and $6 billion for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC).
  • Housing: $3.6 billion for Homeless Assistance Grants, a $420 million increase; $2 billion for the Rural Housing Service, an increase of $183 million; $1.5 billion for the HOME Investment Partnerships Program, which will support the construction of nearly 10,000 new rental and homebuyer units; $1.435 billion for the Housing for the Elderly and Housing for Persons with Disabilities program; and $130 million for new incremental Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers to support over 11,700 additional low-income households.
  • Education: Increasing the maximum Pell Grant award to $7,395$18.387 billion for Title I grants to low-income public schools, a 5 percent increase; and $1.2 billion for TRIO to support more than 800,000 low-income first generation students.
  • Defense & Veterans: $5 billion to implement the Warnock-supported PACT Act for veterans’ health, fully funding a 4.6 percent pay raise for our troops; and $2.7 billion to support critical services and housing assistance for veterans and their families experiencing housing insecurity, a 25 percent increase.
  • Child Care: $8 billion for the Child Care and Development Block Grant, a 30% increase; and nearly $12 billion for Head Start.
  • Energy Assistance: $5 billion for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to help families address the rising cost of energy.
  • Public Safety: $770.8 million, an increase of $96.3 million, for Byrne-Justice Assistance Grants (JAG); $324 million, an increase of 32 percent, for COPS hiring, which will help place over 1,800 more police officers on the streets of our communities; and a record $700 million for combatting violence against women. 

Additionally, see highlights below of specific investments and policies that Senator Reverend Warnock secured for Georgia in the omnibus government funding bill:

Metro Atlanta: 

  • Newnan Tornado Restoration: Senator Warnock secured $4.6 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds to address housing deficiencies in the Chalk Level area of Newnan, which was badly damaged by the March 2021 tornado. This investment will provide struggling survivors in Newnan with safe and livable housing.
  • Midtown Connector: Senator Warnock secured $3.2 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds for the Midtown Connector Project, a job-creating infrastructure initiative that aims to build a structure over I-75/I-85 in Atlanta that will make the area more accessible to pedestrians, cyclists, and park-goers. 
    • Senator Warnock previously secured $1 billion in federal funding through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for initiatives like Atlanta’s Midtown Connector Project. 
  • Georgia HBCUs: Senator Warnock secured $2.5 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds to create a research center in coordination with Georgia’s HBCUs that will study and develop new hydrogen fuel technologies for a clean energy future. These investments will create a well-qualified, diverse workforce of scientists in Georgia.
  • Morris Brown College: Senator Warnock secured $2.4 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds for the historic Morris Brown College to support the restoration of the HBCU. The restoration will allow the college to attract the best and brightest to come to Georgia for a first-rate academic experience.
  • Dobbins Air Reserve Base: Senator Warnock secured $5 million in Congressionally-directed spending for planning and designing an Army Reserve Center that will become a training facility for up to 800 servicemembers.
  • MARTA Safe Routes to Transit: Senator Warnock secured $3 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds for MARTA’s Safe Routes to Transit initiative, which will provide safe access to bus stops by constructing multiple pedestrian and ADA improvements. These safety and ADA improvements will build sidewalks, high visibility crosswalks, medians, and other features to improve safety at bus stops.
  • Peachtree Creek Trail: Senator Warnock secured $1.5 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds for phase II of the Peachtree Creek Greenway, which is a regional system of trails connecting Atlanta, Brookhaven, Chamblee, and Doraville to the Atlanta Beltline. The trails will connect people to jobs, public transportation, and outdoor recreation. 

Savannah & Coastal Georgia:

  • Savannah Combat Readiness Training Center (CRTC): Senator Warnock successfully secured $11.7 million in programmatic, operational and personnel programmatic funding increases to keep the Savannah CRTC open and fully funded.
  • Establishing Wastewater Infrastructure in Bulloch County: At Senator Warnock’s request, the bill includes $3 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds to establish public wastewater infrastructure in Bulloch County, which presently does not provide public water or sewer services outside of incorporated areas. The investment in the proposed infrastructure system is necessary to improve access to clean drinking water and fire suppression.
  • Chatham Area Transit (CAT) Paratransit Facility: Senator Warnock secured $2.25 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds to create a Paratransit Mobility Maintenance Facility, allowing CAT to provide ADA transit services for paratransit customers.
  • Chatham Area Transit (CAT) Hybrid Electric Ferry Replacement: Senator Warnock secured $1.8 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds to modernize CAT’s hybrid electric ferry fleet and to enhance the state of good repair, which enables old vessels to be replaced with hybrid-electric propulsion.
    • This project will help maintain passenger ferry service on the Savannah River in conjunction with maritime growth with the Georgia Ports Authority.
  • Chatham County Public Safety Building: Senator Warnock secured $1.2 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds to support the build out of communications and technology within the Public Safety Building in Chatham County.
  • Brunswick Harbor Modification Study: Senator Warnock partnered with Senator Jon Ossoff to successfully secure $1.6 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to study improvements in the efficiency, cost, and reliability of ship traffic in the Brunswick Harbor by making navigational enhancements along the federally-maintained channel.
  • St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital’s Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion: Senator Warnock secured $1.08 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds to connect the rural medical oncologist with the multi-disciplinary disease specific cancer teams at the Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion (LCRP) in Savannah, and to improve access to best practice and available clinical trials for rural Georgians.
  • Evans Memorial Hospital: Senator Warnock secured $1 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds to fix the Claxton hospital’s leaky roof and prevent damage to expensive and life-saving equipment, as well as prevent endangerment of the health and safety of patients due to mold and moisture issues that may result.
  • Flyover Removal and Reconnection Project: Senator Warnock secured $720,000 in Congressionally-directed spending funds to support the removal of the I-16 flyover. The I-16 Flyover is an overpass that was built in the 1960s, cutting through a historic community in Savannah. The requested funds will be used to review and update the project’s Interchange Modification Report.


  • Fort Gordon: Senator Warnock successfully secured $21 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds to expand the existing Child Development Center, and an additional $5 million for the planning and design of a new Child Development Center. 
  • Additionally, Senator Warnock successfully secured $5 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds for the planning and design of a National Guard and Reserve Center Building to offer a permanent location for training and administrative activities for Guard and Reserve units on post.
  • Augusta-Richmond County Water Infrastructure Upgrades: Senator Warnock successfully secured$4.09 million in congressionally-directed spending to support storm sewer improvements for Augusta-Richmond County and $1 million to support upgrades for one of Augusta’s surface water plants.
  • Augusta University: Senator Warnock secured $2.67 million in Congressionally-directed spending to improve safety at Augusta University through additional evidence collection tools, building access controls, and other technology. Downtown Augusta Microenterprise Center: Senator Warnock successfully secured $2.35 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds to create a microenterprise center in downtown Augusta that will serve as both an economic incubator and active commerce location for new entrepreneurs–helping create local jobs and grow the local economy.
  • Sewer Line Improvements & Upgrades for the City of Waynesboro: Senator Warnock successfully secured $2 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds for the City of Waynesboro to replace a sewer line from the 6th Street Cemetery to 4th Street that is persistently and frequently backed-up.
  • Augusta University Medical Center: Senator Warnock secured $1.12 million to replace a partial fleet of defibrillators and anesthesia machines to better serve AUMC’s patients.
  • Business Step Up Program: Senator Warnock secured $250,000 for a program that will spur local economic growth by supporting Augusta business owners through training, mentorship, and grants.
  • New Water Supply Source and Water Source Lines for the City of Keysville: Senator Warnock successfully secured $197,000 in Congressionally-directed spending funds to support the construction of a new well and the installation of upgraded water pipes in the City of Keysville, Georgia–significantly improving the standard of living in the town of roughly 300 Georgians, where the main water supply well collapsed in 2014.

Macon & Middle Georgia:

  • Aviation Education at MGSU: Senator Warnock secured $2 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds for Middle Georgia State University to increase pilot education and training to meet the increasing demand for aviation education. This investment will go towards state-of-the-art technology at Georgia’s only public postsecondary aviation program and increase the University’s competitiveness.
  • Breast Cancer Screenings: Senator Warnock secured $2 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds for a Mobile Mammography Screening Clinic in Bibb County. This clinic will provide imagining services as well as education and awareness about early detection to prevent breast cancer. This will ensure that residents in every corner of the county will have access to life-saving care.
  • Veterinary Technology Program at FVSU: Senator Warnock secured $1.54 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds for Fort Valley State University’s Veterinary Technology Program to support expanded educational opportunities and real-world clinical training experience for enrolled students. This will increase the universities’ competitiveness and students’ academic experience.
  • One Safe Place Macon Family Justice Center: Senator Warnock secured $1.2 million in Congressionally-directed spending to support programming and equipment at the Family Justice Center, including new youth programs for victims of assault.
  • Rural Health Care in Bleckley County: Senator Warnock secured $1 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds to support rural health care access by updating facilities and equipment to improve healthcare services in Bleckley County.

Columbus & West Georgia:

  • Electric Buses: Senator Warnock secured $4 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds for two electric buses and bus charging stations, which will be operated by Columbus’ public transit service provider, METRA. The investment will help METRA continue to green its operations and improve the public transit agencies’ services.
  • K-12 Education: Senator Warnock secured $288,000 in Congressionally-directed spending funds to improve education for students in the Muscogee County School District by supporting students and families in the Columbus area who live in extreme poverty. 
  • Waverly Hall City Hall Repairs: Senator Warnock secured $110,000 in Congressionally-directed spending funds to fund repairs at Waverly Hall’s City Hall—including roof repairs, window replacements, and interior upgrades. This investment will help ensure a vibrant town center for years to come.

Albany & South Georgia:

  • Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Communication Center: Senator Warnock secured $6.4 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds for Albany’s Marine Corps Logistics base, to build a new communication facility that will serve as the Installation Service Node (ISN) and Special Purpose Processing Node for Facility Related Control Systems and other future operational technology.
  • St. John’s Estates Affordable Housing Complex: Senator Warnock successfully secured $5 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds to renovate 40 units of affordable housing at Mt. Olive Community Outreach Center, Inc.’s St. John’s Estates Affordable Housing Complex. 
  • Moody Air Force Base: Senator Warnock secured $1.1 million in Congressionally-directed spending for planning and design for the 23rd Security Forces Squadron Operations Facility, which will support training, operations, and administrative needs for the unit.
  • Coffee County Regional Medical Center Lab Renovation: Senator Warnock secured $950,000 in Congressionally-directed spending funds for Coffee County Regional Medical Center in Douglas, GA, to renovate and upgrade laboratory instrumentation–helping the hospital better serve patients by providing a platform that will allow the medical center to expand its laboratory testing services.
  • Albany Technical College Allied Health Workforce: Senator Warnock secured $500,000 in Congressionally-directed spending funds to address Albany’s unprecedented nursing shortage by recruiting and educating more nursing students.
  • City of Baconton Senior Citizens Van: Senator Warnock secured $20,000 in Congressionally-directed spending funds for the purchase of a 20 passenger van to transport seniors in the City of Baconton to the local senior center, medical appointments, and shopping for essentials of daily living.

Athens & North Georgia:

  • Rome Floyd County Northwest Regional Hospital Property: Senator Warnock successfully secured more than$5.1 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds to redevelop the community’s Northwest Regional Hospital Property into an industrial park–investing in one of Rome County’s least-developed census tracts. 
  • Rome/Richardson Neighborhood Improvement Project: Senator Warnock successfully secured $4 million for the City of Hartwell to perform home rehabilitation, historic preservation, and community revitalization in the Rome/Richardson Neighborhood, which is a historic African American Community in Hartwell. The funding will help renovate and rebuild existing homes for low-income homeowners, save historic properties, and give new life to the neighborhood.
  • Poultry Science and Research: Senator Warnock secured $4 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds for the University of Georgia to address the critical needs of the poultry industry in Georgia and beyond. This investment will support Georgia’s thriving poultry economy. 
    • Senator Warnock, working with Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff, also successfully secured $1 million in Congressionally-directed spending for the U.S. National Poultry Research Center, which will support infrastructure investments at the USDA Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory located in Athens, GA.
  • Home Ownership in Athens: Senator Warnock secured $2.88 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds to increase the supply of owner-occupied housing in Athens-Clarke County, GA, and to establish youth mentorship programs. This funding will help build generational wealth and support Athens youth still struggling with the impacts of the pandemic.
  • Fannin County Fire Department: Senator Warnock secured $1.2 million in Congressionally-directed spending funds to support the purchase of equipment for the Fannin County Fire Department, allowing the Department to better protect the health and safety of firefighters and surrounding communities. 
  • Whitfield County – Senator Warnock secured $75,000 in forensic equipment. This purchase will enable the county to purchase a portable mass spectrometer to test narcotics in the field.