During Banking Committee Hearing, Senator Warnock Underscores Importance of Strengthening Federal Public Transportation, Public Housing Investments to Better Support Georgians

During Banking Committee hearing, Senator Warnock questioned nominees for FTA Administrator and HUD Deputy Secretary about plans for supporting federal public transportation, public housing investments in Georgia 
During the hearing, Senator Warnock secured commitment from FTA Administrator nominee to consider Georgia priorities in implementation of key transportation funding program 
Senator Warnock to FTA Administrator Nominee: “[W]ill you commit to work with me to ensure [the Capital Investment Grant] program works as well for Georgia projects like Top End I-285 Bus Rapid Transit and the Clifton Corridor as it does say in California?”
Senator Warnock also discussed importance of housing as infrastructure during the hearing, and the need for stronger federal support to improve, increase public housing options for families with low incomes in Georgia, nationwide
Senator Warnock: “I actually grew up in public housing. I know the role it plays, personally, in providing a stable living environment for low-income communities… I want to do everything I can to expand safer public housing options.”


Washington, D.C. – On Tuesday during a Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on the nominations of Ms. Nuria Hernandez, nominee for Administrator of Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and Ms. Adrianne Todman, nominee for Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), U.S. Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock (D-GA) secured commitments from the Administration related to critical infrastructure needs in Georgia, and underscored the importance of expanding public transportation and secure public housing options in rural, urban and suburban parts of Georgia.

In questioning Ms. Nuria Hernandez, Senator Warnock honed in on the need to strengthen the Capital Investment Grant (CIG) program as the main source of federal funds for public transportation agencies to significantly expand public transportation services.

“In recent years, I’ve seen enthusiasm for expanded public transportation options and service in the Atlanta region and across Georgia…[l]ast year, state lawmakers also provided a dedicated funding stream for public transportation that is expected to generate $40 million annually for transit projects. In a state like Georgia, this is a big win for our communities, this is a big win for the environment, and for equity,” said Senator Warnock. “…the Capital Investment Grant program is the main source, as you know, of federal funding for transit construction and expansion. It is a critical tool for expanding public transportation networks.” 

During his questioning, Senator Warnock asked Ms. Hernandez how FTA plans to help ensure the CIG program better services regions in Georgia and across the nation that have not historically prioritized robust public transportation investments, and secured Ms. Hernandez’ commitment to work with him to ensure significant Georgia priorities like the Top End I-285 Bus Rapid Transit and Clifton Corridor projects can benefit from the CIG program. 

Then, Senator Warnock directed questions to Ms. Adrianne Todman, the nominee for Deputy Secretary of HUD, about the Administration’s plans to expand public housing for rural and low-income communities in Georgia, highlighting the importance of this issue and his own personal experience of growing up in public housing.

“I have long been an advocate for safe and secure public housing. I actually grew up in public housing. I know the role it plays, personally, in providing a stable living environment for low-income communities. Housing is so important… I want to do everything I can to expand safer public housing options, so that we are doing our part. Sadly, under previous leadership, the Department of Housing and Urban Development made it clear that it wanted to eliminate public housing by proposing deep cuts to communities that are home to millions of working families.” said Senator Warnock. “So I am hopeful that if confirmed, you will work with Secretary Fudge to improve, modernize, and expand public housing. Ms. Todman, if confirmed, what is your plan to preserving, improving and modernizing public housing and will you commit to expanding more public housing options for marginalized communities?”

“Do you believe housing is infrastructure?” Senator Warnock added during the exchange to which Ms. Todman answered in the affirmative, emphasizing the importance of stable and secure public housing options, so that children living there can, too, become senators themselves.

See full video of Senator Warnock’s questioning HERE.