ICYMI: Senator Reverend Warnock Visits Savannah to Promote Work on Affordable Insulin and Investments in Georgia’s Aviation Economy

Senator Reverend Warnock returned to the Coastal Empire to visit and hear from Georgians at Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital 

Senator Reverend Warnock examined progress on federally funded projects at Savannah’s airport and highlighted his new aviation workforce development legislation

At Candler Hospital, Senator Reverend Warnock heard from health care providers and insulin patients about the crippling cost of insulin and why the Medicare insulin cost cap must be expanded  

This month, Senator Reverend Warnock announced a legislative package to address his top aviation priorities, including reinvigorating the industry’s workforce

Earlier this year, Senator Reverend Warnock introduced bipartisan legislation to cap the cost of insulin at $35 a month for all who need it
Senator Warnock to WTOC: “Insulin should not be expensive. The fact that it is expensive, for so many is indicative of the way Washington, too often, responds to the powerful and well-connected, instead of the ordinary people”

Senator Warnock to Fox 28: “It’s good to be here at home to see up close the growth that is happening at this airport over the last few years, and I am committed as a voice for Georgia to making sure that we continue to support at the federal level the incredible growth and expansion we’ve seen”
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Left: Senator Warnock views progress on federally funded projects at the Savannah airport.
Right: Senator Warnock listens to Georgia health care providers and insulin users at Candler Hospital discuss the financial and physical barriers diabetes poses.

Savannah, GA — Last week, U.S. Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock (D-GA) returned to the Coastal Empire to hear from Georgians at Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport and St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital about the need for greater investments in Georgia’s aviation economy and workforce, as well as the moral urgency to cap the cost of insulin at $35 for all Americans who need it, respectively. 

A member of the Senate Commerce Committee which is responsible for overseeing the nation’s transportation policy, Senator Warnock introduced new legislation to address America’s workforce shortage, starting with a widely understaffed aviation industry, and to strengthen the aviation sector as Congress plans to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The Senator’s new package of proposals is headlined by the Advancing Inclusion and Representation in the Workforce of Aviation and Transportation Systems (AIRWAYS) Act, legislation designed to help grow and strengthen the aviation workforce by expanding opportunities for educational institutions and their partners to help establish a resilient and representative aviation workforce pipeline. The Senator discussed these priorities, as well as the status of federally funded projects at the airport, during a briefing and tour of the facility with airport leaders. Additionally, in March of this year, Senator Warnock introduced the bipartisan Affordable Insulin Now Act to cap out-of-pocket costs of insulin at $35 a month for insured and uninsured people. This effort builds on Senator Warnock’s insulin cost cap for Medicare recipients in the Inflation Reduction Act. The Senator met with patients and providers at St. Joseph Candler to discuss his work to get his legislation passed. 

See below coverage of Senator Reverend Warnock’s stops in Savannah:

WTOC: ‘Insulin should not be expensive:’ Sen. Warnock discusses cost of insulin with medical leaders in Savannah

June 29, 2023 

  • Senator Raphael Warnock met with hospital leaders in Savannah Thursday to discuss ways to increase access to insulin – a medication used for treating diabetes. It follows a bill he recently introduced that would cap out-of-pocket insulin costs.
  • The senator met with doctors and insulin users within the St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System during a roundtable discussion.
  • The visit comes as both Senator Warnock and Louisiana Senator John Kennedy introduced the Affordable Insulin Now Act which would cap insulin costs $35 a month, whether you have insurance or not.
  • Senator Warnock also toured the hospital’s treatment facilities saying he’s confident the legislation will get passed.
  • “Insulin is not a partisan issue, it’s a healthcare issue. There are some 20 states that now cap the cost of insulin, blue states and red states. And I’m hopeful that we could come together and get this done at the federal level,” said Sen. Warnock.

Fox 28: Sen. Warnock touts aviation legislation during stop at Savannah/HHI Airport

June 29, 2023

  • Senator Raphael Warnock paid a visit to his hometown for a tour of the Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport Thursday morning. Warnock spoke about his efforts to boost Georgia’s aviation sector as Congress debates re-authorizing the Federal Aviation Administration, which provides funding for airport development projects.
  • Warnock said aviation is now Georgia’s second-largest industry, and the state must continue to find ways to invest in its growth.
  • Senator Warnock received a private tour of the facility to see some of the most recent FAA-funded projects, like new cargo aprons and a security checkpoint expansion.
  • He said he’s working to introduce the AIRWAYS Act, which would help break down barriers for those hoping to become pilots, mechanics, or engineers.
  • “There are incredible opportunities in the aviation space, but what I’ve seen is a lot of our young people, too many of our young people, don’t have a direct path to getting there,” Warnock said.
  • He added that this is needed to reinvigorate this critical sector in the state’s economy following an industry-wide workforce shortage post-pandemic.
  • “My AIRWAYS legislation will begin even at the secondary – but certainly at the post-secondary – level to make sure that schools like Savannah Tech have increased capacity so we can train the next generation of aviation workers,” Warnock said.

WJCL: Sen. Raphael Warnock makes his first official stop back in Savannah since reelection: Here’s why

June 29, 2023

  • Senator Raphael Warnock made a stop in the Coastal Empire Thursday, touring the Savannah Hilton-Head International Airport. 
  • As a member of the Commerce Committee, he explains why his focus has been on air travel. 
  • “Aviation is Georgia’s second largest industry,” said Warnock. “I’m there at the center of this discussion about a way forward.”
  • Some of the major projects underway at the Savannah airport include the $6.5 million Transportation Security Administration checkpoint expansion, an $8.8 million drainage improvement project and an $8.4 million air cargo apron. 
  • Sen. Warnock also says he’s working on legislation to re-authorize the Federal Aviation Administration. He feels this will address the challenges the industry is facing right now.

WTOC: Sen. Warnock tours Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport facilities ahead of busy travel weekend

June 29, 2023

  • Senator Raphael Warnock toured key projects at Savannah’s airport Thursday including construction on a new cargo space, work to expand the TSA checkpoint, and a drainage improvement project.
  • The visit follows an announcement earlier this year that millions of federal dollars would go to four Georgia airports, including Savannah, for infrastructure upgrades.
  • Senator Warnock also promoted his AIRWAYS Act which he says will expand educational opportunities and boost diversity in aviation jobs to fix staffing shortages.
  • “There are incredible opportunities in the aviation space, but what I’ve seen is that a lot of our young people, too many of our young people, don’t have a direct path to getting there. We’ve got to do everything we can to make sure that kids, regardless of their zip code, have access to these incredible opportunities in the aviation sector,” said Sen. Warnock.