Senators Reverend Warnock, Ossoff Announce $78 Million in Federal Housing Investments for Every Corner of Georgia

New resources secured by Georgia’s senators will provide affordable housing options for Georgians at all income levels

The more than $78 million was secured through HUD’s FY 2023 Public Housing Capital Fund Formula Grant Awards

Investments will flow to 140 cities across the state

Senator Reverend Warnock: “I’ve seen firsthand how difficult it is for hardworking people to afford a home. These robust federal investments will make it easier for hardworking Georgians at every income level to find better, more affordable housing”

ICYMI from WALB in January: “Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock, along with other senators, introduced a bipartisan bill to expand affordable housing for working families”

Washington D.C. — Today, U.S. Senators Reverend Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and Jon Ossoff (D-GA) announced that they secured $78,763,253 in federal housing investments for Georgia through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) FY 2023 Public Housing Capital Fund Formula Grant Awards. The investments will flow to 140 cities across the state and will provide affordable housing options for Georgians of all income levels. Senator Warnock, a fierce advocate for creating more affordable housing options, successfully pushed in May 2022 to ensure the Public Housing Capital Fund Formula Grant would be fully funded in the year’s budget.

“I’ve seen firsthand how difficult it is for hardworking people to afford a home. These robust federal investments will make it easier for hardworking Georgians at every income level to find better, more affordable housing,” said Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock. “These investments will help elevate families into the working and middle class and keep costs down, ensuring every Georgian can get their slice of the American Dream. I’m so glad we were able to secure these investments for Georgians, and I won’t stop fighting to strengthen access to affordable housing across our state.”

“Senator Reverend Warnock and I are delivering these resources to help the State of Georgia increase the supply and improve the quality of affordable housing,” said Senator Jon Ossoff. “Working families in Georgia urgently need access to affordable housing.”

“Low income Savannahians have experienced the most detrimental effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This investment in affordable housing for our area will directly respond to some of the suffering,” said Wayne Dawson, Executive Director of the Savannah-Chatham County Fair Housing Council.

Rents skyrocketed in 2022: Since 2019, Georgia renters have faced a 13.7% increase in median rents, the 12th highest rate in the country and far exceeding income growth over the same period. More and more Georgians are paying a substantial proportion of their income on rent, forcing many to pick between paying for rent or other essentials such as food or prescription drugs. As housing has become increasingly unaffordable, more prospective homeowners are forced to remain in the renters market, increasing rent prices further. Public Housing Capital Fund Formula Grant Awards are federal investments to public housing authorities (PHAs), which may use these funds for the development, financing, and modernization of public housing projects and for management improvements. PHAs may also transfer a portion of their Capital Fund Formula funds to be used for operating expenses, within certain limits. 

Since joining the Senate, Senators Warnock and Ossoff have worked diligently to address Georgia’s affordable housing crisis. In December 2021, Senators Warnock and Ossoff secured funding to upgrade affordable housing for low-income Georgians in rural areas. Last May, Senator Warnock secured $170 million in federal housing investments for Georgia. Additionally, both senators have worked to secure major funding for investments in affordable housing and emergency housing vouchers for Georgians. Additionally, Senator Warnock joined a bipartisan cohort of senators to re-introduce the Choice in Affordable Housing Act, which seeks to improve the federal government’s largest rental assistance program. The recipient of the 2022 Affordable Housing Award from the Southeastern Affordable Housing Management Association (SAHMA), Senator Warnock also previously introduced robust legislative packages that would lower housing costs and help homebuyers, as well as combat skyrocketing housing costs for military servicemembers and their families, respectively.

A table of the $78,763,253 in federal investments can be found below:

CityCountyGrant TypeAmount
AugustaRichmondPublic Housing Capital Fund5,720,231.00
SavannahChathamPublic Housing Capital Fund2,794,659.00
AthensClarkePublic Housing Capital Fund3,632,902.00
ColumbusMuscogeePublic Housing Capital Fund1,789,628.00
AtlantaFultonPublic Housing Capital Fund6,077,978.00
MaconBibbPublic Housing Capital Fund846,052.00
BrunswickGlynn CountyPublic Housing Capital Fund1,752,591.00
AlbanyDoughertyPublic Housing Capital Fund959,487.00
ThomasvilleThomasPublic Housing Capital Fund735,383.00
LagrangeTroupPublic Housing Capital Fund245,605.00
WaycrossWarePublic Housing Capital Fund1,043,410.00
GainesvilleHallPublic Housing Capital Fund461,166.00
MoultrieColquittPublic Housing Capital Fund1,148,199.00
GriffinSpaldingPublic Housing Capital Fund214,776.00
CordeleCrispPublic Housing Capital Fund1,359,239.00
BainbridgeDecaturPublic Housing Capital Fund892,529.00
West PointTroupPublic Housing Capital Fund690,224.00
DawsonTerrellPublic Housing Capital Fund326,331.00
DublinLaurensPublic Housing Capital Fund1,737,118.00
FitzgeraldBen HillPublic Housing Capital Fund647,129.00
BaxleyApplingPublic Housing Capital Fund396,368.00
MonroeWaltonPublic Housing Capital Fund1,235,682.00
DouglasCoffeePublic Housing Capital Fund1,149,097.00
East PointFultonPublic Housing Capital Fund1,259,733.00
EastmanDodgePublic Housing Capital Fund669,699.00
HartwellHartPublic Housing Capital Fund450,486.00
Mcrae-HelenaTelfairPublic Housing Capital Fund190,196.00
QuitmanBrooksPublic Housing Capital Fund556,910.00
WaynesboroBurkePublic Housing Capital Fund1,280,483.00
AshburnTurnerPublic Housing Capital Fund510,396.00
AdelCookPublic Housing Capital Fund157,419.00
HawkinsvillePulaskiPublic Housing Capital Fund154,918.00
RoystonFranklinPublic Housing Capital Fund567,239.00
BufordGwinnettPublic Housing Capital Fund494,345.00
NashvilleBerrienPublic Housing Capital Fund419,580.00
NewnanCowetaPublic Housing Capital Fund1,383,537.00
CamillaMitchellPublic Housing Capital Fund1,378,601.00
PelhamMitchellPublic Housing Capital Fund591,882.00
ValdostaLowndesPublic Housing Capital Fund1,634,121.00
TiftonTiftPublic Housing Capital Fund1,133,106.00
GreensboroGreenePublic Housing Capital Fund318,844.00
ManchesterMeriwether and TalbotPublic Housing Capital Fund168,750.00
CamillaMitchellPublic Housing Capital Fund111,691.00
HamptonHenryPublic Housing Capital Fund65,176.00
CuthbertRandolphPublic Housing Capital Fund69,954.00
MoultrieColquittPublic Housing Capital Fund142,480.00
AlmaBaconPublic Housing Capital Fund53,167.00
BlakelyEarlyPublic Housing Capital Fund447,206.00
ClaytonRabunPublic Housing Capital Fund273,890.00
ThomasvilleThomasPublic Housing Capital Fund117,686.00
LumpkinStewartPublic Housing Capital Fund196,638.00
CalhounGordonPublic Housing Capital Fund688,723.00
LyonsToombsPublic Housing Capital Fund366,580.00
BuchananHaralsonPublic Housing Capital Fund144,785.00
CommerceJacksonPublic Housing Capital Fund152,537.00
DanielsvilleMadisonPublic Housing Capital Fund70,677.00
WarrentonWarrenPublic Housing Capital Fund312,038.00
ThomsonMcduffiePublic Housing Capital Fund672,477.00
SwainsboroEmanuelPublic Housing Capital Fund715,782.00
StatesboroBullochPublic Housing Capital Fund416,150.00
AlmaBaconPublic Housing Capital Fund903,724.00
WaycrossPiercePublic Housing Capital Fund153,580.00
HogansvilleTroupPublic Housing Capital Fund404,388.00
HahiraLowndesPublic Housing Capital Fund45,828.00
HazlehurstJeff DavisPublic Housing Capital Fund439,858.00
LakelandLanierPublic Housing Capital Fund56,380.00
GlennvilleTattnallPublic Housing Capital Fund339,496.00
SylvaniaScrevenPublic Housing Capital Fund40,615.00
MillenJenkinsPublic Housing Capital Fund270,800.00
WashingtonWilkesPublic Housing Capital Fund325,277.00
VidaliaToombsPublic Housing Capital Fund322,058.00
Social CircleWaltonPublic Housing Capital Fund211,976.00
SylvaniaScrevenPublic Housing Capital Fund219,579.00
LouisvilleJeffersonPublic Housing Capital Fund230,151.00
WillacoocheeAtkinsonPublic Housing Capital Fund62,153.00
Warner RobinsHoustonPublic Housing Capital Fund1,107,511.00
HamiltonHarrisPublic Housing Capital Fund115,806.00
CuthbertRandolphPublic Housing Capital Fund199,840.00
JeffersonJacksonPublic Housing Capital Fund255,822.00
PearsonAtkinsonPublic Housing Capital Fund59,069.00
ClaxtonEvansPublic Housing Capital Fund573,623.00
CuthbertRandolphPublic Housing Capital Fund67,558.00
OcillaIrwinPublic Housing Capital Fund488,408.00
HarlemColumbiaPublic Housing Capital Fund124,640.00
LafayetteWalkerPublic Housing Capital Fund914,656.00
LoganvilleWaltonPublic Housing Capital Fund59,095.00
HomervilleClinchPublic Housing Capital Fund225,164.00
DahlonegaLumpkinPublic Housing Capital Fund94,220.00
RochelleWilcoxPublic Housing Capital Fund38,766.00
EllijayGilmerPublic Housing Capital Fund333,698.00
BarnesvilleLamarPublic Housing Capital Fund425,628.00
AlamoWheelerPublic Housing Capital Fund106,872.00
Buena VistaMarionPublic Housing Capital Fund248,728.00
FairburnFultonPublic Housing Capital Fund66,793.00
WrightsvilleJohnsonPublic Housing Capital Fund277,940.00
McdonoughHenryPublic Housing Capital Fund347,896.00
ConyersRockdalePublic Housing Capital Fund313,737.00
JacksonButtsPublic Housing Capital Fund305,956.00
AbbevilleWilcoxPublic Housing Capital Fund41,089.00
SenoiaCowetaPublic Housing Capital Fund50,994.00
LithoniaDekalbPublic Housing Capital Fund231,453.00
MetterCandlerPublic Housing Capital Fund360,107.00
GibsonGlascockPublic Housing Capital Fund69,373.00
Union PointGreenePublic Housing Capital Fund178,029.00
CrawfordvilleTaliaferroPublic Housing Capital Fund38,745.00
MadisonMorganPublic Housing Capital Fund208,352.00
GlenwoodWheelerPublic Housing Capital Fund134,392.00
TennilleWashingtonPublic Housing Capital Fund199,137.00
CummingForsythPublic Housing Capital Fund127,048.00
NewnanCowetaPublic Housing Capital Fund44,278.00
ColquittMillerPublic Housing Capital Fund253,898.00
SandersvilleWashingtonPublic Housing Capital Fund404,779.00
MonticelloJasperPublic Housing Capital Fund183,289.00
SenoiaCowetaPublic Housing Capital Fund92,552.00
Fort ValleyPeachPublic Housing Capital Fund260,002.00
ChatsworthMurrayPublic Housing Capital Fund213,383.00
BowdonCarrollPublic Housing Capital Fund133,066.00
ViennaDoolyPublic Housing Capital Fund244,767.00
NorcrossGwinnettPublic Housing Capital Fund132,297.00
SpartaBaldwinPublic Housing Capital Fund69,000.00
LincolntonLincolnPublic Housing Capital Fund199,349.00
CantonCherokeePublic Housing Capital Fund406,907.00
EllavilleSchleyPublic Housing Capital Fund120,184.00
RinggoldCatoosaPublic Housing Capital Fund83,820.00
UnadillaDoolyPublic Housing Capital Fund448,621.00
GrantvilleCowetaPublic Housing Capital Fund61,357.00
ReidsvilleTattnallPublic Housing Capital Fund489,382.00
GreenvilleMeriwetherPublic Housing Capital Fund274,984.00
CuthbertRandolphPublic Housing Capital Fund331,439.00
JonesboroClaytonPublic Housing Capital Fund87,023.00
CuthbertRandolphPublic Housing Capital Fund64,254.00
College ParkFultonPublic Housing Capital Fund860,735.00
FranklinHeardPublic Housing Capital Fund264,907.00
Mount VernonMontgomeryPublic Housing Capital Fund95,993.00
SopertonTreutlenPublic Housing Capital Fund299,973.00
Mc CaysvilleFanninPublic Housing Capital Fund262,564.00
ByronPeachPublic Housing Capital Fund78,926.00
MenloChattoogaPublic Housing Capital Fund56,054.00
Fort OglethorpeCatoosaPublic Housing Capital Fund190,200.00
ThomastonUpsonPublic Housing Capital Fund992,726.00
PerryHoustonPublic Housing Capital Fund141,534.00
BremenHaralsonPublic Housing Capital Fund284,444.00
NahuntaBrantleyPublic Housing Capital Fund103,033.00
AtlantaFultonPublic Housing Capital Fund300,908.00
Warner RobinsHoustonPublic Housing Capital Fund115,471.00
MontezumaMaconPublic Housing Capital Fund1,004,284.00
St. MarysCamdenPublic Housing Capital Fund450,959.00
WoodlandTalbottPublic Housing Capital Fund209,407.00
RomeFloydPublic Housing Capital Fund1,842,830.00